Introverts Often Exceed Expectations

I have always communicated better through other ways of expression that do not include talking. I don’t like talking. I like deep conversations, and you simply can’t have deep conversations with everyone. Generally, I can’t express myself well. Words fail me, my mind fails me, specially with people I don’t know well or not at…Continue readingIntroverts Often Exceed Expectations

Excellent People Do Not Settle

I find it impossible and inconceivable how some people actually like the shitty life they lead. There’s only one thing I’m sure of: those people enjoy complaining. Especially when they realize those around them share the same frustration and discontent. “I have a shitty life, you have a shitty life, we have a shitty life,…Continue readingExcellent People Do Not Settle

When Your Values Change

When I was younger, my dream was to become a famous singer. As a young girl, I began discovering my talents and soon became addicted to the flow — the mental state you get into when performing an activity in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment. I had this dream for about half of…Continue readingWhen Your Values Change

Long-Term Stress Really Will Kill You

The past year has been truly exhausting for me. Amongst other things, looking for a new job, updating and improving my portfolio, a full-time job working from nine to six, attending career coaching sessions, and trying to make music at the same time. Most of the time I felt overwhelmed and worn out, without any…Continue readingLong-Term Stress Really Will Kill You

How to Deal With Bad Feelings

Did you know that jealousy and envy are still the cause of most current conflicts both in the professional and personal world? I have to confess, I’m surprised. It’s 2020, and I have this idea that feeling envy or jealousy is outdated, and that nobody who’s educated feels such primal emotions anymore. Everybody looks so…Continue readingHow to Deal With Bad Feelings

What I’ve Learned From Minimalism

As a highly sensitive introvert, I’ve always felt like the world was too much. Noises were too much. Lights were too much. People were too much. Too loud or inquisitive, when all I wanted was to be left alone with my ideas. As a kid, I used to long for even more noise, either for…Continue readingWhat I’ve Learned From Minimalism

The Importance of Broadening Your Perspective

I consider myself a broadminded person. Although I work as a designer, I don’t limit my daily reads and scrolls to Dribbble or Behance feeds. I rarely visit widely known websites or talk about famous designers. I make it a daily habit to read about politics, society and the state of the world, spirituality, beauty,…Continue readingThe Importance of Broadening Your Perspective

What Letting Go Of An Old Dream Feels Like

This is probably the first post I write in non-advisory tone. I literally have no advice for anyone right now. We all have our moments when we need to think and reflect on where we stand in life. This is my reflective moment and it is with relief that I’m writing about my personal journey…Continue readingWhat Letting Go Of An Old Dream Feels Like

On Being Unsatisfied With Your Current Situation

Let’s say you’ve been trying for some time to change your current circumstances and it hasn’t happened as fast as you expected. It can get frustrating after a while. It’s become very popular to say that life is easy, it’s us who make it complicated, for every problem there’s a solution, etc. The truth is,…Continue readingOn Being Unsatisfied With Your Current Situation