What To Write About When There’s Nothing To Write About

I often feel the urge to write, but in the middle of the busy life, it’s not easy to find the mental space to write about something relevant. Most times I write the title, it sounds promising, but as I am terrible at finishing things, I find resistance coming back to it and follow through.…Continue readingWhat To Write About When There’s Nothing To Write About

Reprogramming Your Subconscious Thoughts

In my journey to be less anxious and reduce physical symptoms while I’m under stress, I’ve been reading about neuroscience, biohacking and alternative therapies. Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman had already sparked this interest in me, with the succinct way he described how the brain works in five stages. First considering our sensations, followed by perceptions, emotions,…Continue readingReprogramming Your Subconscious Thoughts

I Am Tired

I am tired of feeling fear. I am tired of wanting to leave my house freely and effortlessly and not being able to do so. I want to be able to walk around the park, feel safe, without having to constantly over analyze my surroundings or worry about a possible freak around the corner. I…Continue readingI Am Tired

What Is Good Design?

As someone who’s deeply inspired and motivated by all kinds of different styles and visuals, it took me a while to find my personal style. Back when I was in college, I wondered why we had to read and write so much. Out of so many authors, I couldn’t relate to any line of thought.…Continue readingWhat Is Good Design?

Ways to Exercise The Mind

We should exercise the mind just like we exercise the body. It’s become a popular belief that routines are highly important when going to the gym to train our bodies: the same thing needs to happen to our minds more often to get results. This falls in line with what I’ve written about how we…Continue readingWays to Exercise The Mind

Why the World Needs a Work Reform

“Doing nothing is better than being busy doing nothing.” It’s only natural that you see me citing Lao Tzu yet again. The man must have written the wisest words about life and existence so many centuries ago. Words that are as relevant and needed as they probably were when he wrote them. Somewhere along the…Continue readingWhy the World Needs a Work Reform

Negative People and Chronic Complainers

At some point in our lives, we’ve all met someone whose vibe was negative, sometimes toxic and generally complained a lot. Maybe we were that person three years ago, or in certain circumstances in our lives when our expectations were far from reality. The truth is there are many people going through tough times in…Continue readingNegative People and Chronic Complainers

How Minimalism Changed How I Buy

Less but better A few years ago, I fell in love with minimalism both as a philosophy and as an aesthetic. It didn’t take me too long to realize that it could give me something I had always desired: freedom. As an aesthetic, it’s pleasurable, soothing to my mind, like good food or music. So…Continue readingHow Minimalism Changed How I Buy

Introverts Often Exceed Expectations

Because of my introversion, I have always communicated better through other ways of expression that do not include talking. I don’t like talking, I like deep conversations, and you simply can’t have deep conversations with everyone. Generally, I can’t express myself well. Words fail me, my mind fails me. Specially with people I don’t know…Continue readingIntroverts Often Exceed Expectations


Nostalgia… oh, nostalgia. After becoming an adult, which happened about four years ago when I began getting paid for my time and presence, I never again had the amount of time I could dedicate to just daydream. I could not lose myself in time listening to the songs I used to hear in high school,…Continue readingNostalgia