I live in Lisbon, Portugal. Where I was born, raised and where I’ll probably be buried. Besides too many memories attached, there are a bunch of good reasons to live here. I mean, Madonna lived here.

I tend to be a quiet person, but also have tendencies to be eccentric and full of energy. I’m a deep thinker who firmly believes in a number of causes. I don’t care too much for traditions and social standards and tend to do things my own way.

One of my pet peeves is when people try to constrain or limit me, since I crave freedom and independence. I can appear cold and distant, but I have a deep, genuine concern for humanity, and a special interest in women’s issues.

I have a talent for exploiting my creative imagination and I need to write down my thoughts often and reflect on ideas. Hence, this blog. I ramble about many topics. I became familiar with buddhist teachings and minimalist principles a few years ago, and I noticed it helped remove the feeling of chaos in my life.

I work as a Product Designer at Automattic, I have a visual inspiration Tumblr where I spend too much time, and I sing and make music whenever I can.