I follow three fashion/lifestyle influencers at max, but I used to follow a few more and have noticed this again and again:

They’re all sort of the same

They wear the exact same clothes, go to the same events, dine at the same caffes and post the same visual references. They take the same pictures, post them by the same order, with the same color palettes, worship the same fashion icons, listen to the same music, and end up living the same lives. Or so they make it seem.

It’s all about fitting in

People praise originality, but subconsciously they want to fit in, not stand out. Including influencers.

No one is 100% original. We all influence, we all get influenced.

What I find myself annoyed by is that in social media today, the act of influencing is pretentious, unlike then when true fashion icons weren’t trying to influence. And what’s so laughable about it is how these influencers make it seem like they’re so original and people consider them so, but then so flagrantly copy each other.