When In Doubt


When in doubt, stop ruminating.
Doubts can paralyze,
And turn into a spiral of negative thoughts
That you really don’t need.

Look at all you have accomplished,
It may come as a surprise,
But it’s as real as the air in your lungs
And the blood in your veins.

When in doubt, don’t compare.
That point of view is fragmentized.
You were doing so well,
Why looking at your sides now?

Isn’t your life enough?
Isn’t your left brain mesmerized
By the greatness of your existence
And the serenity of your being?

When in doubt, re-energize.
Take a walk outside, exercise,
Bake a cake or do any of those mundane tasks
You never thought you’d do.

Scream, hit something if you need to
And exorcize that lingering doubt
That won’t leave!