Painting by Alex Katz Reflection 2

Living Well

Living well is…

Taking a walk and shopping for groceries.

Placing a bouquet of tulips on a glass jar.

Cooking a meal with fresh food.

Lighting a candle.

Dancing to the sound of music you love.

Reading a book.

Having a good conversation.

Driving through the coast.

Riding a bike.

Staying home while it rains outside.

Feeling sunlight on the skin.

Walking barefoot on a soft carpet.

Defining realistic goals for the day and accomplish them.

Forgiving yourself if you don’t.

Drinking water.

Petting a dog or cat.

Talking to an old friend.



Working meaningfully in something you’re passionate about.

Being aware of your body needs despite that passion.

Respecting your physical and mental health.

Having inner structure to deal with life’s challenges.

Being intentional.

Painting by Alex Katz “Reflection 2”