Doing Less, Living More

Every year I do my self reflection of how the past year went. It helps me avoid past mistakes and direct my energy to where it makes the most sense.

I usually set some resolutions for the year ahead. This time, I just set one: to do less and live more.

Life goes by too fast to spend time and energy with things that don’t matter. My goal is to be present and enjoy the things that matter the most: a night out with friends, a stroll around the city, a nice meal with family, a good book. The simplest things, really.

There will be more music, more intentional socialisation, more healing. There will be deeper focus, more exercise and more self-tolerance.

I’ll strive to better listen to my inner rhythm so I don’t feel so shaken and pressured by the demands of the outside world.

Life doesn’t need to be a constant rollercoaster where we jump from one goal to another and another. It needs to be savoured before it’s too late.

Here’s to doing less and living more.