Master of the Beat


When we think of artists that have stood out for their unique style, it makes sense to think of Timbaland. Many years ago when I started to explore music production, he was one of my greatest inspirations. His music made me feel something and his beats were infectious. You can tell they were made in the 1990’s or 2000’s, but they’re still current today. I’ve always dreamt of making music that good.

I have recently signed up for Masterclass, a subscription service that lets you learn from the masters of their craft, from food to writing to acting or music. I had previously heard about it and knew that Timbaland had a class there. I’m an avid learner so the trailer ended up convincing me.

The Test of Time

His collaborations with artists like Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, Jay-Z or Madonna were heard all around the world and you can absolutely tell he made those songs.

Whether because of the beatbox elements in the mixes, the characteristic punchy kick drums or the panned percussions, I still vibe to them today and not just because of my nostalgic nature.

I was so intrigued to understand what is it about these beats that always makes me “bounce” that I watched the entire masterclass in one day. I soaked up all of Tim’s teachings. One of the beats he made there was stuck in my head for hours. Even if I didn’t become a great producer with it, it was just a delight to watch his process.

Lessons Learned

There’s no doubt it takes a lot more than either talent or work to make music: it takes both. It can take months to improve and years to become really good at it.

It takes a lot of love for music to stick with this dynamic of experimenting and failing. Doing it for fun and being open to criticism.

I learned how to make better creative decisions and I saw many of the plugins I use, used by Timbo’s team.

I don’t intend to become a professional music producer but, even if I’m miles away from that, I intend to produce great music.

Probably the main takeaway I took from this class was:

You should never try to copy what’s been done. Take from the past and add to the future.

Thank you, Timbo.