Choosing Calmness

Photo by Philip Messmann for Ignant

The more places I go to, and the people I hang out with, the more I realize that what works for me is to withdraw from the world, relishing in my essence. I’m not sure if that’s the better approach in the long term — it may not make me grow as much as I could in some ways, but it feels right.

I constantly choose to lay inside my cocoon, denying the world and certain people, because most people and situations drain me. And that’s alright. I do not feel guilty anymore.

I’m happy to deny people or situations that do not contribute to my calmness. That also means unfollowing social media accounts or withdrawing from social networks all together. This all comes easy to me, except when I feel like I can’t escape these situations because I view them as an obligation or duty.

Still, we, adults, can always draw the line and choose. We can choose to please. We can choose chaos, or we can choose calmness. I’m getting better at choosing calmness.