Afghan Women: Hidden Again

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Afghan Women: Hidden Again Afghan Women: Hidden Again

As I sit and watch the latest news from Afghanistan, my heart weakens.

The Taliban have seized control of Kabul, the capital, and thousands — possibly millions — desperately attempt to escape the country. The American-backed government collapsed and the president fled the country. This takeover will mean a civilizational 20-year setback.

The Future for Women and Girls

Despite the terrorist group having declared that ‘war is over in Afghanistan’, it seems unlikely to me how this situation can be pacific. How can an armed takeover be peaceful? There is this disconnect between what soldiers on the ground do and what the political office reports.

Early on Sunday morning I was heading to university for a class. A group of women told me the police were evacuating them because the Taliban had arrived in Kabul and they will beat women who do not have a burqa.

A Kabul resident in The Guardian

I am deeply concerned about women, children and civilians. Women’s rights — from the freedom to work to access to girls’ education — are threatened.

Young afghan women can no longer do the things they have always done, such as meeting their friends in a cafe. Wear a yellow dress or pink lipstick. Go to their jobs or finish university.

I didn’t expect that we’d be deprived of all our basic rights again and travel back to 20 years ago. That after 20 years of fighting for our rights and freedom, we should be hunting for burqas and hiding our identity.

Women journalists, teachers and celebrities fear for their lives and attempt to destroy traces of their identity as they brace for Taliban retribution.

A Sense of Powerlessness

20 years later, Afghan women will be hidden again. There isn’t much I or anyone else like me can do. I’m not much of a prayer, but I’m praying for them, somehow. They have no space for anger, only fear.

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