We’re all gonna die We’re all gonna die

Odd red snow in the Alps, deathly floods in Germany, droughts in Kazakstan, burning villages and orange skies from California to Siberia… I could go on. But this is only a small amount of the phenomena happening around the globe due to climate change: a concept until recently denied by many powerful, ignorant multibillionaires.

All these calamities happen while we sit and watch Shark Tank in the comfort of our homes — ironically, a show where rich people try to get richer. Or when we shop comfortably in our nearest supermarket where plastic bags are still an option. Or when we fly to a paradisiac destination hoping that we arrive to a crystal-clear shore, with no trash coming from the ocean. Or when we store our veggies in cling film, in our not-so-energetically-efficient-fridge from our not-so-energetically-efficient-home.

Code Red For Humanity

Earlier this week, the UN released a scientific report from the IPCC stating it as ‘code red for humanity’. According to the report, human activity is changing the climate in unprecedented and irreversible ways.

“The consequences will continue to get worse for every bit of warming, and for many of these consequences, there’s no going back.”

Prof. Ed Hawkins, the University of Reading, UK

The assessment of our planet’s future has been delivered by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a group of scientists whose findings are endorsed by the world’s governments.

What Is Everyone Doing?

I don’t see governments acting. There aren’t any realistic plans to save the planet. And to save ourselves. As I mention in the footer of this blog, I stand for sustainability. But I am a coward, like all of us. Although I try to shop sustainably, I buy new clothes. I use plastic. My house isn’t zero waste. I feel bad for it.

But when are the big companies and the big governments going to really start thinking about it? It’s not enough to ask us, mere mortals to turn off our tap water when we brush our teeth, while these 100 companies alone are responsible for 71% of global emissions. We’re not the bigger part of the problem. They are.

Why aren’t we using more renewable energy? What’s so alluring and profiting about fossil fuel businesses? Clearly, I don’t know much about the subject. I’m just mad at how close we’re getting to an apocalypse and I feel powerless. All this “change your lifestyle” crap is bullshit, if the big things don’t change.

We’re all gonna die. The Earth is already sick. The question is: how long do we have left with a functioning world? How long until we can’t no longer breathe? Until there’s no more pristine locations on the planet? How long until our houses and our lives are no longer safe?

And, while more floods and droughts are happening around the globe, I’ll leave you with the song that inspired the title of this post.