Vivid Memories

Vivid Memories


Vivid Memories Vivid Memories Vivid Memories

In the middle of a pandemic, I find myself athirst for a day outside. A soft spring day, where Summer’s warmth seems to want to come out, and Winter’s cold remains solely in a light cool breeze. One of those days when we wear shirts we hadn’t worn in a while. Some maybe even molded from the moist of the cabinet, ugh. Or when we need sunscreen because the sun feels intense again.

Personally, these days have always excited me. A good day, especially on weekends, meant a walk outside, a stroll in the city, a drink at my favorite promenade, with my headphones on or not, listening to some good music. As you can imagine, these are all some great inputs to the brain.

The Downside

Maybe that’s how I’ve come to record this powerful feeling in my memory. I think of it as the perk of having a sensory memory. Events, as I see them, are truly complete. A mix of visual, audible and sensory remembrances.

And while I can vividly recall the best days, the good times, I can also recall those moments when I felt the worst. Sometimes, depending on situations, it’s as if I’m reliving them, because the feeling is so similar. That’s the downside.

The Beauty of It

Yet, I wouldn’t want to be any other way. The vivid memories assault me as I sit here safe but powerless, but the wonderful thing about being alive is that, despite living a global pandemic, with daily sick and dead people numbers rising, terrible news and a strange glimpse of a future for our politics, we’re able to look forward and picture the days of freedom again.

Some time in the future, it will be possible. And maybe then, we can cherish something so basic, yet so vital — a day outside.