2020 was atypical in every single way. The word pandemic was only seen in sci-fi movies and face masks were mostly worn by Asians. And yet, here we are: with a contagious virus spreading around the globe. Some homeless, some jobless, some grieving. Others doing fine, or struggling with their internal demons. Many ill but hopeful. But time goes on and vaccines are created.

Personally, it wasn’t a bad year for me. It was life-changing, productive and it came with its blessings and anxieties with a lot more positive things than negative. I’m mostly grateful and looking forward to 2021.

I’m looking forward to a relaxed lifestyle, with time and energy to pursue every side of me.

I’m looking forward to spending time with friends and family.

I’m looking forward to raise the bar and quality of this blog.

I’m looking forward to sing and record music I want to listen to.

I’m looking forward to become healthier, fully nourished and aligned.

I’m looking forward to read, write and learn.

I’m looking forward to moving to my new place and decorating it.

I’m looking forward to evolve and keep healing my inner child.

And that is generally all.

Despite this year new year’s eve being very moderately celebrated, there’s still a certain magic in the air. I always feel it with the coming of a new year. I don’t exactly know why but perhaps because there’s a mark on the calendar, it creates a shift in my brain.