What To Write About When There’s Nothing To Write About

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I often feel the urge to write, but in the middle of the busy life, it’s not easy to find the mental space to write about something relevant. Most times I write the title, it sounds promising, but as I am terrible at finishing things, I find resistance coming back to it and follow through.

Well, here I am now. Writing about something and yet nothing at all. Just thinking while I type my thoughts. And how lovely and wonderfully pleasurable that is.

Despite my hazy mind, a few sentences have stuck with me for the past few days:

The friendships I’ve lost were the ones I couldn’t keep.

Consistency over intensity.

HeThe first sentence resonated with me because I realized how uncompromising I’ve been in the past. I was so proud to call myself loyal that I assumed others had to be as loyal to me as I was to them. So I pulled away some friends from my life because they didn’t meet my expectations. And while I felt all this, I wasn’t capable to confront them and tell them how I felt. Afraid to wear my heart on my sleeve and be made a fool of, like I had once been.

The friendships I’ve lost were the ones I couldn’t keep because I didn’t know better. Because it was not meant to be. Because instead of trying to work things out as couples do in relationships, I stepped away. I gave up. Because I felt the willingness to keep the friendship wasn’t reciprocal‚Ķ

The second sentence has been a true motto. I truly believe that repeating something over and over again helps reframe our mindset, our thoughts, our subconscious. The more we do something, the more we’ll get used to it. It eventually becomes a habit. Or a belief. This is good when we’re trying to change something in our lives for the better. Like trying to lose weight or build muscle. It’s like going to the gym. What’s important is to workout moderately two or three days a week, not to do an absolute killer workout every two weeks.

So yeah, see? I clearly had something to write about. I just didn’t know how to unlock it or how to start. Maybe I didn’t have a convincing title. Maybe I read a poetic blog that inspired this free kind of writing. When there’s nothing to write about but you feel like writing, just start typing. The words will come.

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