On Being Unsatisfied With Your Current Situation

Let’s say you’ve been trying for some time to change your current circumstances and it hasn’t happened as fast as you expected. It can get frustrating after a while.

It’s become very popular to say that life is easy, it’s us who make it complicated, for every problem there’s a solution, etc.

The truth is, life is not always easy.

Some decisions, whether you want it or not, are hard to make and you may not see a way out for some shitty situations. The bullshit is part of the game. Not everything is crystal clear and everybody deals with situations differently.

Being happy is one thing. Being satisfied is another. I’m happy with my life but I’m not satisfied, you know? It ain’t tasty. These days, I can’t focus, I don’t wanna leave the house, I lack motivation, I’m tired from the minute I wake up to the minute I lay down, I’m irritable and angry with everyone, I have feelings of envy and jealousy, I’m dwelling on the past and on why things didn’t happen, I eat food for pleasure, and I don’t go to the gym, but still, rejection after rejection, I manage to take action with the intention of changing my situation.

If you don’t feel satisfied about your where you are at the moment, you need to sit down quietly and work through all the various strands in your life and see how each one makes you feel. How do you feel about your career/occupation? How do you feel about your relationships? How do you feel about your self alone?

Every aspect of your life is a journey towards a spiritual path. If you’re not into spiritual shit like me, what this means is: every aspect of your life is a journey towards feeling a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. And it’s not just about achieving things.

When you enjoy doing something and you do it a lot, your thoughts, actions and desires align, and you feel satisfied.

There isn’t much you can do about external circumstances. But you can always do something about your thoughts. Like being grateful for what you have. Sometimes, comparing down, not up, can show you a brighter perspective.

You can also believe in yourself. Like, really say it in front of the mirror “I’m good at what I do”. “I’m great”. “I deserve this opportunity”. “I deserve to get well paid, and have balance in life”. Say it. Whatever you think you’re deserving of. You have to believe it. God knows I believe all these things I just said about myself. “I should be making 3000$ a month.” “I should be making the kind of work I want”. “I should be going to the studio often to record vocals”. “I should be dedicating a lot more time to writing songs, which is my fucking life purpose”.

This is my truth. When I have the time… And the energy.

What do you want? Say it. Make it happen. It won’t be easy, it may take months, years, who knows. But if you know what you truly want, and you can write it down, act towards it, it’ll happen. Eventually. Life will eventually get tastier.

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