• On Travelling

    On Travelling

    It’s great to travel far and witness the difference and unfamiliarity, but that is surely not the only way. You can do so in your city, your country, or your continent. You can travel on a weekend or on an afternoon and go to a street you have never been.

  • Same-fluencers


    They wear the exact same clothes, go to the same events, dine at the same caffes and post the same visual references.

  • The Ambition Sweet Spot

    Too much ambition and our happiness is dependent on our wins or failures, too little and we can feel meaningless and regretful. Is there a sweet spot?

  • Living Well

    Living Well

    A reflection on the smallest of things that consist in a good life such a taking a walk and shopping for groceries, placing a bouquet of tulips on a glass jar, or cooking a meal with fresh food.

  • January’s Random Encounters

    January is typically a reflective, contemplative month. This month made me want to write about random encounters that stuck with me.

  • Doing Less, Living More

    Doing Less, Living More

    I usually set some resolutions for the year ahead. This time, I just set one: to be doing less and living more.

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