• Criar


    Se temos talentos, podemos escolher guardá-los para nós, o que é legítimo, ou podemos partilhá-los com os outros. Algo me empurra para a partilha.

  • Same-fluencers


    They wear the exact same clothes, go to the same events, dine at the same caffes and post the same visual references.

  • The Ambition Sweet Spot

    Too much ambition and our happiness is dependent on our wins or failures, too little and we can feel meaningless and regretful. Is there a sweet spot?

  • Living Well

    Living Well

    A reflection on the smallest of things that consist in a good life such a taking a walk and shopping for groceries, placing a bouquet of tulips on a glass jar, or cooking a meal with fresh food.

  • January’s Random Encounters

    January is typically a reflective, contemplative month. This month made me want to write about random encounters that stuck with me.

  • Doing Less, Living More

    Doing Less, Living More

    I usually set some resolutions for the year ahead. This time, I just set one: to be doing less and living more.

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